The Cape Town Cycle Tour Trust is a registered Public Benefit Organisation. Its major role is as the organiser of the annual Cape Town Cycle Tour, the biggest timed bicycle race in the world, but it is also involved in managing and organising other events and business units within and outside its own structure. It is managed by twelve trustees, six each representing the interests of the Pedal Power Association and the Rotary Club of Claremont, and a highly experienced team of eventing professionals and cycling enthusiasts. 

Pedal Power Association

The Pedal Power Association was the original organiser of the Cape Town Cycle Tour, back in 1978, and is an organisation with goals of developing all forms of cycling across not just the communities of the Western Cape, but across South Africa. The PPA proceeds from the Cape Town Cycle Tour are channeled into cycle safety, bike advocacy, event organisation, trail building and maintenance, development cycling and its Bike4All initiative, which has distributed thousands of bicycles into communities where the simple advantage of mobility has made a significant difference to daily lives. It is run by a committee, elected by its membership, which oversees a staff complement that implements these drives and programmes year-round.

To learn more about the Pedal Power Association and become a member visit www.pedalpower.org.za.

Rotary Club of Claremont 

The Rotary Club of Claremont was involved as a service provider at the Cape Town Cycle Tour from the very beginning, and became a partner in its organisation after a few years when the PPA (then the WPPPA) realised its skills were the cycling aspect, and Rotary’s lay firmly in the logistics and people power on the day. The Rotary Club of Claremont uses its share of the proceeds across numerous projects that improve the lives of those in need in the local community, a full list is available HERE, but it involves youth development, hospital funding, early development programmes, sports development, tackling homelessness, disabled sports and a whole lot more.

To learn more about the Rotary Club of Claremont and become a Rotarian visit www.claremontrotary.co.za for more.


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I started cycling in 1989. Did my first PPA sponsored event by completing the Three Passes – Constantia Nek, Chapmans and Ou Kaapse. Won two spot prizes, a bright yellow cycling top and a Fruittree 5litre juice box. I have completed 10 tours, my best time 3hrs 20mins, then I stopped cycling and started running.n I joined Rotary Claremont Club (RCC) in Dec 2009 and the CTCTT when I was nominated by the RCC Board to chair and vice chair the trust between 2013 and 2018. I stood down as a Trustee in 2019, but rejoined when the RCC approached me again in 2022. Outside the trust, a Rotarian and serving as the Value Committee director. We make beanies for babies and old age retirement centres and senior clubs – over 300 so far. We supply fresh vegetables for 300 children in three ECD centres in the Philippi area and meals to children gogos and their parents.

I am a PPA-nominated Trust member and bring to the portfolio many decades of cycling experience at a variety of levels and events, from rural touring to ‘competitive’ ones like the Cape Epic – although I try not to be competitive, myself, I am much more of a risk manager, always looking for simpler, safer and sustainable options, whether it is on the bike to finish an event, or within the ambit of the Trust, making sure the most cost-effective and prudent decisions are made.

I am a PPA nominated trustee and have served as Vice Chairman and Chairman. I am passionate about cycling and being involved with this iconic event that feeds all the obsessive things I love to see; people enjoying and the benefits that cycling brings to their lives. I started cycling to find an alternative sport for an ageing body and have now completed 25 Tours. I have a goal of still doing the Cape Town Cycle Tour at 90. The Cycle Tour is a world class event and it is a double-edged iconic event in that it provides cyclists with the most spectacular route to enjoy and it provides dozens of charities with much needed funding. To maintain this into the future is going to be a hard ask and the events team and Trustees need to be extra hard working and innovative to maintain the momentum. 

I am a passionate cyclist, and have been road cycling or mountain biking off and on since I was a kid. Happy to say more on (at the moment)! I am the proud father of two tweens who are also into their riding so we usually get to add some biking to our holidays and manage to see some other interesting parts of this beautiful country. I joined the Trust as I have always got so much out of riding that I felt it was time to give back. I feel that my financial background and experience can be put to good use at the Trust. My vision is to see the Cycle Tour grow and prosper, and appeal to a wider group of riders, and hopefully to convert some non-riders to the joys of two wheels!

I have been a member of the Rotary Club of Claremont, one of the beneficiaries of the CTCTT, since 1978, and have assisted at every single Cycle Tour in various capacities since the Rotary Club first became involved in the event in the early 1980s. While not an active cyclist (I confined my exertions to road-running, having completed the Comrades Marathon on 12 occasions), I am nevertheless a keen follower of cycling.

I am an attorney by profession, and am a consultant to C & A Friedlander, which I joined in 1971, and with which I have spent my entire working life. I was nominated as a Trustee by the Rotary Club of Claremont. As a Rotarian the philanthropic and broad community-based objectives of the CTCTT resonate strongly with me.  My goal for the Trust is to ensure that the Cycle Tour continues to flourish as a world-class event, adapting and evolving to meet changing circumstances and new challenges, and that in so doing the Trustees will continue to fulfil the objectives of the Trust.

Stuwart Musekiwa is an accomplished Director of Finance with over 18 years of experience in driving financial performance and strategic planning across various sectors, including NGOs, software, and mining. Based in Cape Town, South Africa, Stuwart is known for his expertise in financial restructuring, cost optimisation, and operational enhancements that have consistently led to increased profitability and efficiency at the companies he has worked for. His adeptness in implementing robust financial systems and models has been instrumental in enhancing decision-making processes and fostering sustainable growth.

With a solid educational foundation, including an MBA from the University of Zimbabwe and certifications as a Chartered Accountant (CA(SA)) and Chartered Management Accountant (CIMA), Stuwart combines his technical skills with strong leadership and team development capabilities. He is recognised for his proficiency in regulatory compliance, financial control systems, and stakeholder relationship management, ensuring high standards of financial integrity and resource access. He continues to drive financial excellence and innovation, leveraging his extensive experience to support organisational objectives and strategic goals.

Stuwart sits on the board of Cape Mental Health since 2021 and has also served as a director of Sayout Pharmaceuticals from 2011 to 2015, where he significantly contributed to shaping the corporate governance infrastructure and sustainable performance of the company. His dedication to continuous improvement and professional development has made a lasting impact on the organisations he has been a part of, solidifying his reputation as a leader in the finance sector.

My background is largely in corporate operations, and my Bcom included majors in Financial Management and Business Economics. My first involvement with the Cycle Tour was as a sponsor of the Klaasjagersberg Refreshment Station for some years from 1998. In those days we went big, with a stage, music and entertainment, a line-up of chefs and catering staff and 40 or 50 students from Stellenbosch University. As a Rotarian in the Newlands club from 2004 (and District Governor of District 9350, comprising the western third of South Africa, Namibia and Angola, in 2016/17). Ive been part of the course management team for many years, and have taken the overall convenorship duty for seven events. We provide more than 700 marshals, Sector Managers, Refreshment Station Managers, Sweep Bus Managers, Bike Repairmen and a team in the Operations Centre on the day to manage them all. I accepted an invitation by the Claremont Rotary Club to serve as one of their nominated Trustees in September of 2019 and have served as the Board Chair in the 2021 and 2022 years. Im not a cyclist, unless you count cycling to school in the 60s through the English weather – usually in an oilcloth cape and a souwester!.

I have been a PPA – nominated trustee since mid-2023.  My father was a president of Claremont Rotary and as a small child I assisted the workers of his construction company, who voluntarily set up and removed the company’s temporary fencing for the, then “Argus Cycle Tour”, in the early 80’s. Sitting in his truck, which acted as a sweep vehicle picking up bikes and cyclists, was a highlight of the day. I did my first tour when I was 12 years old and after a few years become despondent with my cycling abilities having finished almost an hour behind classmate Douglas Ryder. A number of years later Ryder won the tour in 2001! It was quite a few years later that, when a friend asked me to take part in the Wine2Whales MTB multi day stage event, that the “bug bit again”.  To keep fit for MTB events, a road bike was needed which led to many CTCT’s on a solo bike, the most memorable tour being on a tandem with my youngest daughter and a Double Century tour.  As a “weekend warrior” I attend spin classes during the week so I can keep up with stronger cyclist friends when riding on the weekend. I am a qualified Quantity Surveyor and co-own a medium sized construction company which keeps me busy during the working week. Have been the president of the Western Cape Master Builders Association, a current council member of the BIBC and serve on several other Trusts. I enjoy being part of the iconic CTCT and being a proud Capetonian, love to see others enjoying the various cycling routes around our beautiful city.

I have been a great believer in the importance of cycling as a means of sustainable transport from my days as a town planner to my long involvement in the Cycle Tour. I have been involved in the Cycle Tour for 44 years, staring from riding the second Cycle Tour when there were no Road closures. I have been involved in organisation of the event from 1983 as a volunteer organiser. As chairman of the early organisation I saw growth from 3 000 to 10 000 in three years. This is when we started to limit entries and it actually accelerated the growth of the event. I was involved in the foundation of the Trust from 1999 to 2000. I have ridden 27 Tours I have been a member of PPA for about 40 years. I look forward to continuing to be an important contributor to Cape Town’s tourism industry, a valuable promoter of safe cycling and a benefactor to the less fortunate communities of Cape Town.

I am a Rotarian from the Rotary Club of Claremont who, as one of the beneficiaries of the CTCTT, has elected me as a Trustee.  I am a Consulting Structural Engineer by profession and am semi-retired from my own business. I am a keen cyclist, and have completed 11 Tours.  My goals are that I would like to give back to cycling as well the disadvantaged community and believe that if I can add value to achieving a successful Cycle Tour which will achieve my goals. 


I am a PPA-nominated Trustee, invited to serve in October 2022. 2024 marks my 31st Cape Town Cycle Tour anniversary, having completed my first in 1988. I’m a bike ‘generalist’ having added MTB and multi day stage events from around 2010 to my repertoire including Wine2Wales, Sani2C and the Imana Wild Ride. I am a graduate of marketing and business administration with 25+ years of real world commercial experience. Vocationally I consult in organisation development (OD) –  strategy, culture and innovation – across a wide range of sectors and Clients. I’m a certified director with the IoDSA, a certified event designer with The Event Design Collective (www.edco.global) and serve as Trustee and Chair of another prominent Trust. My ambition is to bring my blend of knowledge, skills and experience to help build the Cape Town Cycle Tour brand sustainably, not only in Africa but into the world, in accordance with our Trust mandate. I believe I will be able to achieve all of this while delivering on my personal goal – 50 Cape Town Cycle 109km Tours before I am 80!

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